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Lumion Training

Course Duration : 40 Days | Daily 2 Hours Session

Learn lumion course and elevate your Interior design skills. Through comprehensive training, participants derive into key aspects such as creating realistic 3D renders, architectural animations, and virtual reality experiences using Lumion software. Raster fx studios is best lumion training institute In Hyderabad.  The course covers topics such as understanding Lumion’s interface, mastering its tools and features, integrating 3D models, applying materials and textures, and optimizing rendering settings for high-quality outputs. Additionally, students explore advanced techniques including lighting effects, landscaping, animation, and post-production editing.

Video Editing Course : Lumion

Learn the basics of lumion course and enhance your creative interior design skills . We are providing basic to advanced lumion training for students, working professionals . Whether You Are Fresher Or Experienced In Interior Design . This course Is Suitable For you. Enrol The Course and join today .

The scope of learning Lumion, a popular architectural visualization software, is broad and encompasses various opportunities in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape design, real estate, construction, and visual arts.


The scope of learning Lumion, a popular architectural visualization software, is broad and encompasses various opportunities in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape design, real estate, construction, and visual arts.


Architectural Visualizer

Urban Planner

Landscape Designer

Real Estate Marketer

Interior Designer

Film and Animation Artist

Certainly! When learning Lumion, the training can be broken down into key points or topics that cover its comprehensive set of features. Here’s an overview structured as bullet points for clarity:

Basics and Setup
– Introduction to Lumion: Understanding its interface and capabilities.
– Installation and Configuration: Optimizing settings for your hardware.
– Project Setup: Starting a new project, including setting up the initial environment.

Importing and Modeling
– Importing Models: Techniques for bringing in models from CAD and 3D modeling software.
– Model Management: Organizing and updating imported models within your project.

Environment and Landscaping
– Terrain Tools: Modifying terrain, adding mountains, water, and more.
– Environment Settings: Adjusting global illumination, weather, and overall ambiance.
– Placing Objects: Utilizing Lumion’s vast library for adding trees, vehicles, people, etc.

Materials and Textures
– Applying Materials: Assigning and editing materials to give surfaces realism.
– Custom Textures: Importing and adjusting custom textures for unique finishes.

– Natural Light: Setting up sun direction and intensity for different times of day.
– Artificial Light: Adding indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance realism.
– Shadows and Reflections: Configuring settings for realistic shadows and reflections.

Camera and Rendering
– Camera Setup: Choosing the right angles and perspectives for your shots.
– Photo Mode: Creating still renders with various photographic effects.
– Rendering Options: Understanding output settings for quality and speed.

– Basic Animations: Animating objects and characters within the scene.
– Camera Movements: Creating dynamic camera paths for walkthroughs and flyovers.
– Advanced Animation Techniques: Tips for creating complex animations.

Effects and Final Touches
– Applying Effects: Enhancing visuals with effects like depth of field, bloom, and more.
– Seasons and Weather: Simulating seasonal changes and weather conditions for atmosphere.
-Sound Effects and Music: Adding audio to animations for a full multimedia experience.

Workflow and Optimization
– Efficient Workflows: Strategies for managing large projects and working efficiently.
– Real-Time Visualization: Using Lumion for client presentations and quick iterations.
– Troubleshooting: Tips for solving common problems and optimizing performance.

Exporting and Sharing
– Export Settings: Finalizing projects for high-quality outputs and web sharing.
– Panoramas and VR: Creating 360-degree views and virtual reality experiences.

Advanced Techniques (Optional)
– Scripting and Automation: For users who want to delve deeper into customization.
– Integration with Other Software: Tips for using Lumion alongside Photoshop or video editing tools for post-processing.

  • Graphic Designers
  • Video Editors
  • Animators
  • Filmmakers
  • Marketing and Advertising Professionals
  • Multimedia Artists
  • Content Creators
  • Students
  • Home Makers 
Best lumion course training institute in hyderabad

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