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Who We Are

Raster FX Studios specializes in creating intricate and realistic images that captivate audiences. Their skilled team of artists and designers use cutting-edge software and techniques to produce detailed and realistic graphics. Whether it’s character design, environmental art, or special effects, Raster FX Studios excels in bringing visions to life.

We are commited to innovation and artistic excellence sets them apart in the industry. We used to collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique needs and deliver tailor-made solutions. Raster FX Studios’ work has contributed to the success of numerous projects, enhancing our visual appeal and storytelling.

3D Rigging

Creating a skeleton for a 3D model as per the client requirement, which are rigged to deform and moved around to give realistic character before they are animated 

Motion Capture

To take the authenticity of a live performance and turn it into a more realistic digital sequence. The advanced camera systems record those moving dots and turn it into data to generate believable digital characters.


Compositing is the process of combining visual elements from separate sources to create one image. In 3D art, this means combining two or more render passes to enhance the quality of your finished piece.

Z Brush

We excel in sculpting animation 3D characters using pull, push, squash, scrape, manipulate, texture, and add many more attributions to the work to bring a realistic visual feel and appearance.

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