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Course Duration : 60 Days | Daily 2 Hours Session

Are you want to learn 3dsmax course in hyderabad ?? choose raster fx studios is best
3dsmax training institute in hyderabad with 100% placement assistance. We are providing
both offline and online training with industry experts.

Video Editing Course : 3DSMAX

If you want to learn the basics of 3dsmax course and highlight your Interior skills. Build a strong base In Interior Design skills And showcase your skills . whether you are fresher or experienced , This course is apt for you.

The scope of 3d Max is splendid for professionals who aspire to achieve in the design industry. This software can be helpful in the future for creating informative layout designs online for buildings by architects for a seamless experience. The best thing about the tool is it draws the attention of ordinary people towards the investors via interactive 3D models. 3D modelling facilitates an in-depth understanding of interior designs and aids in design changes and speedy approvals in the digital world.

Start your career in multiple industries – animation, film, advertising, and more – with the 3DSMAX course.Become a 

  • 3D Animator
  • Architectural Visualization Artist
  • Game Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Visual Effects (VFX) Artist
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Advertising and Marketing Professional

Module 1: Introduction to 3ds Max

  • Overview of 3ds Max interface and workspace
  • Understanding basic navigation and viewport controls
  • Introduction to modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering concepts

Module 2: Fundamentals of 3D Modeling

  • Exploring different modeling techniques: primitive, spline, and polygonal modeling
  • Creating basic 3D shapes, objects, and structures
  • Understanding modifiers and their role in modeling workflows

Module 3: Advanced Modeling Techniques

  • Delving deeper into polygonal modeling: edge loops, extrusions, and bevels
  • Introduction to sub-division surface modeling for organic shapes
  • Exploring advanced modeling tools and techniques for complex geometry

Module 4: Texturing and Materials

  • Understanding material editor and material types in 3ds Max
  • Applying textures, maps, and shaders to 3D objects
  • Exploring UV mapping techniques for accurate texture placement

Module 5: Lighting and Rendering

  • Introduction to different types of lights in 3ds Max: standard, photometric, and Arnold lights
  • Setting up realistic lighting scenarios for interior and exterior scenes
  • Configuring rendering settings and options for high-quality output

Module 6: Animation Basics

  • Understanding keyframe animation and animation controllers
  • Exploring basic animation principles: timing, spacing, and easing
  • Creating simple animations for objects, cameras, and lights

Module 7: Rigging and Character Animation

  • Introduction to rigging tools and techniques in 3ds Max
  • Rigging characters with bones, skinning, and inverse kinematics (IK)
  • Animating characters: walk cycles, facial expressions, and lip-syncing

Module 8: Specialized Topics and Project Work

  • Exploring advanced topics based on student interests: particle systems, dynamics, or advanced rendering techniques
  • Working on a final project integrating skills learned throughout the course
  • Portfolio development and presentation of final project work
  • Students
  • Aspiring 3D Artists
  • Professionals in Design and Architecture
  • Game Developers
  • Marketing and Advertising Professionals
  • Freelancers and Hobbyists
Best 3dsmax training institute In Hyderabad

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