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The word multi and media are combined to form the word multimedia. The word “multi” signifies “many.” Multimedia is a type of medium that allows information to be easily transferred from one location to another. Multimedia is the presentation of textpicturesaudio, and video with links and tools that allow the user to navigate, engage, create, and communicate using a computer. Multimedia refers to the computer-assisted integration of text, drawings, still and moving images(videos) graphics, audio, animation, and any other media in which any type of information can be expressed, stored, communicated, and processed digitally.

Categories Of Multimedia

1. Linear Multimedia

It is also called Non-interactive multimedia. In the case of linear multimedia, the end-user cannot control the content of the application. It has literally no interactivity of any kind. Some multimedia projects like movies in which material is thrown in a linear fashion from beginning to end. A linear multimedia application lacks all the features with the help of which, a user can interact with the application such as the ability to choose different optionsclick on iconscontrol the flow of the media, or change the pace at which the media is displayed. Linear multimedia works very well for providing information to a large group of people such as at training sessions, seminars, workplace meetings, etc. 


2. Non-Linear Multimedia

In Non-Linear multimedia, the end-user is allowed the navigational control to rove through multimedia content at his own desire. The user can control the access of the application. Non-linear offers user interactivity to control the movement of data. For example computer games, websites, self-paced computer-based training packages, etc.

applications of Multimedia

Multimedia indicates that, in addition to textgraphics/drawings, and photographscomputer information can be represented using audio, video, and animation. Multimedia is used in:

1. Education

In the subject of education, multimedia is becoming increasingly popular. It is often used to produce study materials for pupils and to ensure that they have a thorough comprehension of various disciplines. Edutainment, which combines education and entertainment, has become highly popular in recent years. This system gives learning in the form of enjoyment to the user.


2. Entertainment

The usage of multimedia in films creates a unique auditory and video impression. Today, multimedia has completely transformed the art of filmmaking around the world. Multimedia is the only way to achieve difficult effects and actions.
The entertainment sector makes extensive use of multimedia. It’s particularly useful for creating special effects in films and video games. The most visible illustration of the emergence of multimedia in entertainment is music and video apps. Interactive games become possible thanks to the use of multimedia in the gaming business. Video games are more interesting because of the integrated audio and visual effects.

3. Business

Marketing, advertising, product demos, presentation, training, networked communication, etc. are applications of multimedia that are helpful in many businesses. The audience can quickly understand an idea when multimedia presentations are used. It gives a simple and effective technique to attract visitors’ attention and effectively conveys information about numerous products. It’s also utilized to encourage clients to buy things in business marketing.

4. Technology & Science

In the sphere of science and technology, multimedia has a wide range of applications. It can communicate audio, films, and other multimedia documents in a variety of formats. Only multimedia can make live broadcasting from one location to another possible.
It is beneficial to surgeons because they can rehearse intricate procedures such as brain removal and reconstructive surgery using images made from imaging scans of the human body. Plans can be produced more efficiently to cut expenses and problems.

5. Fine Arts

Multimedia artists work in the fine arts, combining approaches employing many media and incorporating viewer involvement in some form. For example, a variety of digital mediums can be used to combine movies and operas.
Digital artist is a new word for these types of artists. Digital painters make digital paintings, matte paintings, and vector graphics of many varieties using computer applications.

6. Engineering

Multimedia is frequently used by software engineers in computer simulations for military or industrial training. It’s also used for software interfaces created by creative experts and software engineers in partnership. Only multimedia is used to perform all the minute calculations.